The Future of Food

Sierra Harvest’s vision for the future of Nevada County food includes a network of financially viable farms providing good food for the community, where health and wellness is the norm and people are engaged in growing, harvesting, preparing, and sharing fresh food. If you read The Union this weekend, you might have seen USA Weekend’s take on their vision of the future of America’s food. We are including a link to it here for those of you who missed it, because it is right in line with Sierra Harvest’s vision for a thriving local food economy where residents of all ages have access to nutritious, local, seasonal food through strong connections among farmers, schools, and the community.  Maybe it’s closer than we think! Apologies for the annoying commercial that pops up when you visit the page — it’s still a worthwhile read:

1407946783000-Fresh-FoodRead The Future of Food: How Our Eating Habits Will Change

by Hadley Malcolm