Update from California Food Policy Council

On Wednesday, Live Healthy Co-director Malaika Bishop represented Nevada County at Capitol Day with the California Food Policy Council (CAFPC).  The CAPFC is made up of nearly 1,000 community based and statewide organizations covering 80% of the geographical area of California, all who are working for healthy, equitable and sustainable food systems. 

Some of the notable bills that may be coming before the California Senate and Assembly this year include:

Regional Food Systems: 
AB224-Defines CSA and gives support to farmers doing direct marketing.
AB996- Effects Farmers Market regulations and integrity
AB38- Would create a permanent funding for newly established office of Farm to Fork, which is working on local supply chains for farms to institutions in California.
AB551- Creates incentives for urban agriculture

Healthy Food Access:
AB191 and SB283 -Makes it easier for low income residents to receive CalFresh benefits.
SB622- Taxes sweetened beverages with the aim of lowering incidence of obesity.

Farm Workers:
SB168- Allows farm laborers’ successors to receive unpaid wages of parents.
AB60- Allows farm workers without SS#’s to be eligible for drivers licenses


The California Food Policy Council will be tracking and reporting on how senators and assembly people vote on this food related bills.

In addition, members of the council met with California Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross and with Josephine Stevenson Food Procurement Project Lead in the  Health in All Policies Tax Force who shared exciting news about their efforts to improve local food purchasing in all California State institutions, particularly prisons; the biggest state food purchaser.