Vital Garden Supply a Strong Sierra Harvest Supporter

brian and pedma malin of vital - supporters of Sierra HarvestFor 14 years, Vital Garden Supply has been providing organic farm, garden, and landscaping products in Nevada County and beyond.   With a passion for the organic agriculture as well as a desire to have high quality food available to everyone, the company is also a long-time supporter of Sierra Harvest.

Brian Malin and his wife, Pedma, started the family business and are proud to support Sierra Harvest and appreciative of everything they do.  “Kids can learn at a young age the importance of high-quality food and about growing your own food as well.” Malin said.   With two kids who have gone through the Nevada County school system it was easy to offer support to help with the mission of Sierra Harvest and they have done so since the early days of the nonprofit.   “We are just proud to be part of Sierra Harvest,” Malin continued.  “I was at Food Love educational farm with my son’s class when they were just getting started.  We donated a compost tea brewer, I gave a talk to the kids, and I worked with farmers who were there at the time.  My son just turned 21, so it has been quite a while.” 

By supplying organic soil, fertilizer and amendments, Vital Garden Supply is part of the team that helps keep local gardens thriving.

Back in 2006, the desire for high-quality, organic products was on the rise.  Malin and his family were not satisfied with what products were available to farmers and gardeners, so they began making their own — manufacturing approximately 20 unique products and then opening a retail location in Nevada City.

In addition to offering organic inputs, Vital Garden Supply has a knowledgeable staff with plenty of gardening experience to help even the novice gardener get off to the right start.  Malin said the best reward is seeing other farmers’ success after using Vital Garden Supply products.

Pedma also serves as an ambassador with Sierra Harvest.  They are an active part of the organization and believe strongly in the mission.  Malin added he is proud to be part of a local nonprofit that educates people about organic and high-quality food and growing your own.  “I think that is really important in our modern society with all of this tech stuff going on, it’s good to have kids connect with where their food comes from and teach them a little bit about how to do it themselves.”

Now located in Ukiah and Wheatland as well as Nevada City, they sell to over 250 stores.  They carry soil and amendments, inoculants and teas, fertilizers, pest controls, green houses, and even apparel.  Their expert staff is happy to help prescribe the right mix for each unique situation and location. 

Their commitment to Sierra Harvest is just one of the many ways they are helping people grow safe, healthy food.  Thank you to the three generations of the Malin family that now make up Vital Garden Supply.  With their help, we can feel confident our future is in good hands.