Volunteer of the Month: Deb Chapman!

SH_Volunteers_Deb Chapman_20150721_0001_crp_FINALDeb Chapman is integral to Sierra Harvest with her outstanding volunteer support of the Sierra Gardens Program, fundraising events, and so much more.  We are indebted to her devotion to the mission on a daily basis with her enthusiasm for every aspect of our work.

SH: What do you do for Sierra Harvest?
DC: I help the Sierra Gardens program, setting up gardening and cooking classes, site visits, and mentorship visits. And I field “trouble” calls from garden participants (Deb Chapman is married to Farmer Leo Chapman). I also help the main Sierra Harvest organization with fundraising events — coordinating with farmers to get food, etc. I have a history of catering.

SH: How did you get interested in the work that Sierra Harvest is doing?
DC: I helped Living Lands Agrarian Network with events and joined Sierra Harvest when Living Lands merged with Live Healthy Nevada County to become Sierra Harvest in Nov. of 20113. I love being involved with the local food movement and young farmers.

SH: How else do you support the local food movement?
DC: I participate in the farmers’ markets. We don’t need a lot of extra since we grow so much of our own food, but I like to support the other farmers. We trade for bread, we don’t make that ourselves. I’ve been called “farm mom” to the local farmers. I give them emotional and spiritual support. Sometimes they need a hug, sometimes they need some guidance.

SH: What’s your favorite summer meal?
DC: It’s called “mixed grill.” We have a sauté station, like a big griddle, and we pick stuff from the garden and cook it with a soy sauce/olive oil marinade. We raise our own meat too, so we throw some of that in there. We spend a few hours making and eating dinner.

SH: What do you do when you are NOT volunteering for Sierra Harvest?
DC: We have four beautiful grandchildren that we are very lucky to be involved with. I like to pick flowers and make and sell bouquets. Leo and I like to cook together, and I like to play my ukulele.