Feeling Lucky? We sure are…

We at Sierra Harvest feel tremendously lucky to have such passionate, committed and talented volunteers. Have you considered volunteering for Sierra Harvest? You could be having as much fun as star volunteer Tom Van Wagner!

Here he is helping co-director Aimee Retzler sand the table legs for our new office before he stained and sealed all of them. Tom and Broad Street Bistro owner, Don Votech, recently spent several hours working to put our office tables together and deliver them to our office. Thanks Tom and Don!

And did you know that one of our major events, Tasting Week, was coordinated by a volunteer?

Rachelle Zorne was the coordinator for the first annual Nevada County Tasting Week in 2012 and she came back again to coordinate 2013’s Tasting Week events.    Nice work, Rachelle! Thanks.

From office work, to event staffing, to getting your hands dirty in the field, Sierra Harvest has so many different ways for volunteers to help us educate, inspire, and connect Nevada County families to fresh, local, seasonal food.

And now there is an even better reason to share your valuable time and skills with Sierra Harvest… As part of BriarPatch Community Market’s new Community Capacity Building Program, new volunteers for Sierra Harvest have the opportunity to earn a 10% discount at the Patch! Under this program, when other volunteer opportunities are filled, BriarPatch Owner Volunteers may earn a discount at BriarPatch by doing volunteer work at affiliated nonprofit organizations, including Sierra Harvest. Just as with BP’s other volunteer “jobs,” these volunteer hours will earn a 10% discount for working six hours per month (3 hours for seniors) per each adult in the household.

Important note: In order to receive Owner Volunteer credit at BriarPatch, volunteers must be new to Sierra Harvest (i.e., must not have previously volunteered there), and must be referred in advance by BriarPatch staff. To help us out, and to earn your 10% discount, start by picking up a Volunteer Application at BriarPatch’s Customer Service Window, and then visit our “Volunteer” page to tell us about your skills and interests. Questions? Contact BriarPatch Volunteer Coordinator Hilary Dart at 272-5333 ext. 134.