Welcome Sierra Harvest’s Newest Team Members!

Sierra Harvest is pleased to welcome 2 new staffers to the team –
Carla Rosin and Sophie Larsen!

Carla Rosin is the new Sustainable Food and Farm Conference Producer.   Bringing a background in activism and organizing for the past 15 years, Rosin has lots of great experience in the sustainable food movement. Combining a strong passion and incredible connections, Carla is sure to bring the conference to the next level!
As part of the planning and diversity advisory committees for the EcoFarm Conference and in her role as the Sebastopol Farmer’s Market director, Rosin has her finger on the pulse of what farmer’s are interested in,and is sure to bring new energy and inspiration to the next Sustainable Food and Farm Conference. Carla is based in Santa Cruz, but you can find her here on a regular basis, working with the Sierra Harvest staff and enjoying all the foothills have to offer.
Carla Rosen, right, with author of City Chicks Patricia Forman

Our second new staff member is Sophie Larsen, Food Love Educator. With a background working at a farm and education center in Southern Oregon, Larsen brings passion, experience, and enthusiasm to the Food Love crew. She’s really excited to be a part of a farm whose focus goes beyond growing food, and is inspired by the mission of Sierra Harvest to do this work. Larsen is looking forward to teaching children at summer camp and field trips, and loves sharing the beauty of the farm with this community! A transplant from Santa Cruz, Sophie is also working at Starbright Acres Family Farm and you can find her there the rest of the time that she’s not at Food Love.