What We Do

Our Programs

Sierra Harvest understands the pressure points where, locally, we can begin to shift our focus from large-scale, distant agriculture to the needs of our own children, farmers and the community.  How are we making postive change in Nevada County? Watch the following video or read about our programs below.

FARM TO SCHOOL: Sierra Harvest’s Farm to School program is currently in 22 Nevada County schools and reaches over 6700 students; 96% of the K-8 students in Western Nevada County. Sierra Harvest connects each school with a local farm partner. This farmer hosts farm field trips at their farms, provides produce for a weekly produce stand at the school, and comes into the classroom to share with the kids. We also do monthly “Harvest of the Month” tastings of local, seasonal fruits and vegetables delivered to classrooms along with educator curriculum and a family newsletters. Our “Tasting Week” brings guest chefs from around the county into the classrooms to cook simple, seasonal meals with the students.

SCHOOL FOOD: Sierra Harvest, in collaboration with the current school meal provider, is working to incorporate more locally and regionally grown fresh foods into the school meal program. We do this through community engagement events, educational programs and connecting local farms to school meal providers.

EDUCATIONAL FARMS: The Food Love Farm is an educational farm devoted to promoting nutrition education, food security, and community involvement in growing, harvesting, eating, and celebrating fresh food. The farm hosts experiential field trips, service projects, U-pick, and community work days.

FARMER TRAINING: Sierra Harvest has trained 30 farmers under 30, and is launching the new Sierra Harvest Farm Institute Program in 2016, designed to train and mentor young farmer with education in organic agriculture, business planning, and access to land and equipment.

COMMUNITY FOOD: Sierra Harvest celebrates and connects our local community through potlucks, soup nights, an events calendar, a land bank, and through Nevada County’s Sustainable Food and Farm conference.

FOOD ADVOCACY: We engage in local, regional, and national policies that support just, sustainable food systems. We are members of the California Food Policy Council and the California Farm to School Network.

The SIERRA GARDENS PROGRAM enhances health and food access by supporting families in growing fruits and vegetables at home; providing garden beds plus two years of classes, mentorship and starts.