Farm Partners

Bakbraken Acres

JohnDrewGrowing organically in Nevada County for over 42 years, Bakbraken Acres is a leader in the production of extreme quality, specialty vegetables, including onions, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, melons, berries, flowers, green beans, dry beans and much more. Situated on 40 acres at 2400′ elevation on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains, over 50% of the land is dedicated to wild lands and riparian habitat. Cultural practices include an extensive cover cropping program, crop rotation, companion planting, compost, buffer areas to promote healthy populations of beneficial insects, birds and other desirable species.

Bluebird Farm

image001Located 1.5 miles from Nevada City on Cement Hill Road. Bluebird Farm was established in 2004 and was named after the Western Bluebirds nesting around the farm. Property partners Dale and Diane love having the farm community and its energy on their property. A total of 1.5 acres are in cultivation at this unique site which has a light soil with high levels of organic matter. Bluebird is currently being developed as a community hub and education site. A corn labyrinth, young berry patch, and mixed vegetables grow near sheep grazing behind electric fencing. Yoga, “soil sings”, and other classes and events are also part of what is being cultivated at Bluebird.

Dinner Bell Farm

UCA_295Dinner Bell Farm is a family farm located in Chicago Park, CA, just outside of Grass Valley.  They run a 30-acre diverse farming operation specializing in pasture-raised, heritage breed chicken.   They also raise Mangalitsa and Mulefoot pigs, grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as specialty cut flowers.

Dinner Bell farmers farm because they love this earth and believe that ecological agriculture is part of the solution.  They farm because they believe that nutritionally dense food is a human right.  They farm because they KNOW that there is a better way to treat the animals we eat.   They farm because they want food production to be a viable way of making a living.  They farm to grow the foods that grace the tables of you and your loved ones. Read more about Dinner Bell.

First Rain Farm

First Rain Farm Potluck 2015First Rain Farm produces a wide array of vegetables for local Markets.  The farm is a diverse system combining animal production, row crops and pasture/land management practices that provide fertility and a healthy ecosystem in return. First Rain is certified organic by CCOF.  Their products are: Fruit and Vegetables, Seeds, Goat & Pork. Their constant goal is providing more from their land on the farm.  They strive to further integrate systems while providing the highest quality products for the community!

Food Love Project

Amanda and Katie- 303014_368897223227770_339485489_nSierra Harvest’s Food Love Project is an educational farm devoted to promoting nutrition education, food security, and community involvement in growing, harvesting, eating, and celebrating fresh food! The farm hosts experiential field trips, service projects, U-pick vegetables, workdays for community organizations.   Food Love farmers also visit local school classrooms where they are seen as celebrities.


Foothill Roots Farm

Foothill Roots Farm

Foothill Roots Farm is a diversified vegetable farm in Meadow Vista just East of Auburn and minutes from the American River. We cultivate 4.5 acres of mixed vegetables, perennial berries, flowers, raise heritage hogs, chickens for eggs, and have a small flock of sheep for brushing. Now in our fourth growing season we supply our 100 + member CSA, farm stand, and wholesale accounts with the highest quality, nutrient dense, flavorful food so they can be healthy and happy members of our community.  We work in conjunction with nature and proudly avoid the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides and replace them with lots of hard work, hand weeding, observation of pest pressure and planning to avoid these pressures. We utilize cover crops, compost, crop rotations, annual and perennial plants to attract beneficial insects to enhance our soils fertility and our plants’ health. Our farm is a place to connect with friends, family and neighbors, a place of beauty, fun, and inspiration. We believe that seeing customers smiling faces when they receive our produce is food for our souls.

Greg’s Organics

greg's organics

Greg Weber is passionate about tomatoes. 80% of his three acres just outside of downtown Grass Valley are planted in tomatoes, whose names read more like an exotic zoo than a seed packet; Green Zebra, Great White, and Purple Bumblebee.  You can find Greg’s tomatoes in an astonishing number of Nevada County restaurants: Pete’s Pizza, Diego’s, Flour Garden, and Jernigan’s, to name just a few. Nevada County students also get to dine on Greg’s tomatoes – they are a favorite of both Grass Valley School District Child Nutrition Services and the Nevada Joint Union High School District. His methods of growing tomatoes have evolved since the backyard turned into a farm – he “dry farms” which means he uses 75% less water than a conventional tomato farmer.  Greg’s organic tomatoes can be found in restaurants and grocery stores all over Nevada County, including Briar Patch, Natural Selection, and SPD (look for the Greg’s Organics logo). Or, to learn how to get your very own tomato CSA, visit Greg’s website at

Indian Springs

unionphoto0810 (4)Indian Springs farm in Penn Valley has been certified organic since 1987, on 33 acres just south of Pilot Peak.  They grow a diverse selection of vegetables, specialty cut flowers, edible flowers, herbs and small fruits; many varieties are heirlooms. They deliver locally to the Willimantic Food Co-op, health food stores, florists, restaurants, and are developing a delivery service for locavores. They also do custom floral design for the home and for small special events.

Mountain Bounty Farm

John&AngieMountain Bounty Farm is located on the San Juan Ridge in the Sierra Nevada foothills, 20 minutes from Nevada City and Grass Valley. Mountain Bounty Farm is the oldest and largest CSA farm in Nevada County. Founder John Tecklin has been farming since the early 1990’s and started Mountain Bounty in 1997.  The farm is nestled in fertile fields at two sites that are less than 2 miles from the Yuba River. Our  “home” fields are just off of Purdon road and their newer large field is on Birchville road. 2014 is their 17th growing season. They grow a diverse mixture of vegetables and flowers for their 500 member CSA program. They also participate in the Nevada City farmers market on Saturday mornings.

Riverhill Farm

Farmers Jo and AlanRiverhill Farm started in 2001. Thanks to tremendous community support, today their farm produces a diverse mix of organic vegetables and fruits, including many heirloom and specialty varieties. Riverhill Farm is a community-based farm.  They sell most of their produce within ten miles of the farm.  They strive to balance production that will make the farm an economically viable farm with maintaining and enhancing the natural environment in which the farm exists. Their production system includes growing and marketing over 30 different crops; annual crop rotation; using fall-planted cover crops that fix nitrogen and provide organic matter for the soil; a fertilization and soil building regime that seeks to provide the best possible basis for healthy plants, healthy food and a healthy environment; practicing a diversified marketing strategy; drip irrigation for water conservation; and planting and maintaining habitat areas for beneficial insects and wildlife. They are currently farming on 10 acres, with plans for additional acreage in the coming years.

Soil Sisters

Soil Sisters

Soil Sisters Farm Soil Sisters Farm is a flower farm and florist in Nevada City, run by Maisie Ganz and Willow Hein. They offer a beautiful Flower CSA, a subscription program that brings you a fresh bouquet of flowers direct from their farm each week of the summer. They also offer seasonal wedding and event design services –


Starbright Acres

Family with ChickenStarbright Acres Family Farm is a small family farm on 3.2 acres in Grass Valley, located one mile from the Nevada County Fairgrounds. They have chickens, goats and a great big garden. All of their farming practices are conscientious regarding sustainability and health. We produce ecologically sustainable, chemical free vegetables, plants and animal products.

Starbright Acres Family Farm produces and supports production of nutritious, delicious, planet friendly food for their local community and family. Their business markets directly to consumers, maximizing its profits to provide the farmers a viable income. There is an onsite farm store open 7am-7pm, 7 days per week at 12575 Polaris Drive.

Super Tuber Farm

photo1Super Tuber Farm aims to produce the tastiest, high quality Organic food in a manner that enriches the soil in which it is grown, the hands of those who grow it, and the bellies of those who eat it. Farmer  Jeremy Mineau is part of a growing group of young people pursuing an agricultural career and agrarian lifestyle. Now in his fourth year farming, Jeremy got his start as intern at Mountain Bounty Farm.  He specializes in many varieties of potatoes, hence the name “Super Tuber,” but he also produces other amazing crops, such as: arugula, bok choy, sweet corn, cucumbers, leafy greens, radishes, summer squash, winter squash, and sweet potatoes.

Sweet Roots Farm

dina and robbie-c_2Sweet Roots prides itself on growing great soil and the quality, flavorful produce that follows.  Through the use of integrated organic systems and the farm’s many microclimates, they produce food, flowers and nursery starts that are healthy and vibrant.  They have a diversity of crops and markets to build a healthy farm and business.  Farming brings them close to the land, which they preserve and improve for the future. Their business management and sustainable agricultural practices will eventually support their family while providing equal access for a diversity of community members.

Woolman School Farm

maggies picWoolman is a nonprofit educational community originally founded in 1963 as a Quaker high school. Woolman now offers a high school semester program, summer camp programs for youth and families, and community activities. John Woolman, an 18th century Quaker human rights activist who aspired to live his life in complete integrity with his principles, inspired the name for the school. Located on 230 acres in the Sierra Nevada Foothills within walking distance of the Yuba river, the Woolman campus is an experiment in sustainable community living.