For Schools

group deer creekSierra Harvest’s Farm to School program partners with almost all Western Nevada County K – 8th grade schools.  The Farm to School program includes: a produce stand at each school, participation in the Harvest of the Month program (providing monthly samples of seasonal fruit and vegetable with curriculum to each classroom), farm field trips and school garden consultations.  It also includes guest appearances by a farm partner, a nutrition educator, and a guest chef once each year.

Each school that joins will agree to support the success of the program in their school by: providing a portion of the transportation costs and time for farm field trips, providing class time for the Harvest of the Month program, conducting surveys, identifying volunteers, housing the produce stand, and directing produce stand income back into the program.

Sierra Harvest will provide the rest of the program which includes:

●    Farm Field Trips (for all 3rd and/or 6th grade classes in the school)

●    Farm Field Trip transportation (a portion, based on $4/student x % students who qualify for free and reduced lunch)

●    Farm Partnership (Connection to farm partners who will host field trips, visit the school, provide veggie starts, and sell the school produce for its produce stand.)

●    School Garden Support (Consultations quarterly where applicable)

●    Harvest of the Month (Produce, curriculum guides and newsletters once a month for each classroom in the school)

●    Harvest of the Month teacher training.

●    Produce from Farm Partner ($25 per box for 21 weeks) and starts for Spring plant sales.

●    Training, on-going support, and stipend for a Farm to School liaison from each school.
See the Farm to School Liaison job description for details.

●    Nutrition Education*

●    Guest Chef Cooking Demonstration*

●    Farmer Visit*

●    Optional participation in a “Tasting Week”

* This programming will be available for 4 classes/yr at 30 minutes per class session.

If your school would like to participate in Sierra Harvest’s Farm to School program:

If your school is not within our service area, you can learn how to replicate our program and find other resources here.