Tasting Week

Union Hill 1st graders trying a squashamole’ cracker.

What happens when you bring together fresh local food, passionate chefs, and over 3,000 school children?  Children devour vegetables with reckless abandon!

Sierra Harvest started Tasting Week in Nevada County Schools in 2012, as another creative way to inspire kids to enjoy eating healthy, locally grown food and to start asking for more at home.   During our most recent Tasting Week in October 2017, 22 chefs cut, diced, cooked or baked with almost 3,000 students at 24 local schools including 3 high schools!  How did it go? The kids’ comments tell all:

“This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted” after trying a black bean taco with sweet potatoes!

“I normally don’t like a lot of these ingredients but I do when they are together!”

Volunteer chefs Zak Starr and his brother cooking up purple potato latkes for the Silver Springs High School students.

“When I make a mess, things are much yummier,” after making a fresh spring roll.

After tasting purple potato latkes, “I want to be a professional taster, these are so good!”

Watch Tasting Week in action or listen to this Capital Public Radio’s story about Tasting Week to hear more or read about it in 2017 Union article or the 2016 Union article!

We are so grateful to all the chefs who volunteered the time and talents to inspire and help instill a lifelong love of eating fresh fruits and vegetables with 3,000 students in 2017: Brianna Abundiz, Linda Ambrosini, Kathie Beckham, Kwong Chew, Monica Frohreich, Susan Gilleran, Susan Gouveia, Noam Halpert, Bill Jensen, Rene’ Medina Jimenez, Shan Kendall,  Victoria LaFont, Dre’ Maher, Steve Rosenthal, Shauna Schultz, Lauren Scott, Jessica and Carl Shelton, Zak Starr, Maria Unger, and Matthew Willoughby.

Try out some of the recipes that our stellar chefs used for the 2017 Tasting Week!


2017 Tasting Week Recipe Book – Yet again Amy Halter, of Amy Halter Design volunteered and created this year’s beautifully designed Tasting Week Recipe Book!

2016 Tasting Week Recipe Book  – We are grateful to Amy Halter of Amy Halter Design, with 25 years of design experience,  for volunteering to design this year’s stunning recipe book.  “As a newcomer to the area, I am excited to get involved with a non-profit who’s passion is encouraging healthy, happy kids. It is very rewarding to know that sharing my design skills can help Sierra Harvest’s mission. I am eager to learn and grow this spring with their outdoor programs. Getting away from the screen is always a plus!”

2015 Tasting Week Recipe Book

2014 Tasting Week Recipe Book