Where to Buy Local Food

living lands farmers marketNow more than ever, people want to know where they can get fresh, local produce.  Whether you want to buy it, grow it, or get financial help to afford it, we have put together a new Local Food, Farm and Garden Resource on our website to help you find what you need!

Keep in mind that in our Nevada County climate, most farms don’t have much produce until mid-May, though there are some farms that have a limited supply of winter crops available. You can find this early-season produce at the  Nevada City Farmers Market (open the first Saturday of the month from 9am-12pm at the 3 Forks Bakery & Co. parking lot).  The Grass Valley Farmers Markets will open May 2 (new location in the Kmart parking lot instead of the North Star House location), Nevada City Farmer’s Market begins their weekly season June 6, and Truckee Community Farmers Market on June 14th.

The other best place to get farm fresh product before the season kicks in is BriarPatch Food Co-op, which buys from a large number of local and regional organic farms.

What are the best ways to buy directly from farmers this season?

Buying directly from farmers ensures that you are getting the freshest food possible, directly from the hands of the farmer.   It also gives our hardworking farmers the financial advantage to sell directly to customers.  In addition to the local farmers’ markets above, here are some unique ways you can buy directly from local farmers.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) delivers fresh food to the customer on a regular basis all season long.  Customers pay an agreed-upon amount up front, and enjoy weekly pick-ups of fresh food. Farms offering vegetable CSAs this year include:

First Rain Farm offers a fresh goat milk herd share, which is a little different than a CSA but provides weekly access to fresh milk.

Farm Credit provides a way for customers to pay a farmer early in the season for produce they plan to buy all season long.   The customer gets a discount, and can pick out their own produce week by week right at the farm stand on the farm.  Starbright Acres Family Farm in Grass Valley and Riverhill Farm in Nevada City both offer this option to their customers.

We need our local farmers, now more than ever!

Check out our resource guide for more details on where to find local farmers.